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about me

Oh hey! My name's Kiersten and I'm the founder of Sunkissed Studio. I'm currently based in Pennsylvania but work with brands all across the U.S. Outside of running my design studio, I'm also a Model and an Etsy Shop Owner.

I believe that I was put on this earth to create and inspire others. I'm either behind my computer designing for a client, posing for a photographer at a photoshoot or brainstorming new ideas for my Etsy Shop.

Aside from my creative endeavors, I enjoy finding new ways to decorate my apartment, hiking with my Siberian Husky, and working out with my boyfriend. I'm obsessed with sushi, killer color palettes, and sunny days spent by my pool.


the sunkissed story




Worked as a Graphic Designer for Temple University International Affairs and had an internship with PHL17.

Graduated from the Tyler
School of Art at Temple
University with a BFA in
Graphic & Interactive Design.

Gained industry experience working for a digital ad agency, a stationary manufactuer, and a wellness company.

Eager to become my own boss and work with like-minded individuals, Sunkissed Studio was born.


Here at Sunkissed Studio, I love working with other passionate and driven individuals. Through careful research and strategy, I create branding experiences that completely transform businesses, both big and small. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of designing for a variety of industries, including food, jewelry, clothing, skincare, hair, and much more.

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house plants

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selling sunset

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vodka tonic

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working out

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reality tv

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staying up too late